Stefan Harg

International artist

Clarinet Clarinette


New CD fp music 009 


His phrasing is elegant tailored with great flow and a spread of tone colours and expressive subtleties. ......”In the Stravinsky’s Three Pieces the clarinettist Stefan Harg explored the range , rhythmical patterns and sound possibilities to the full. His clarinet playing was witty and with an exact timing”..... “Hearing Stefan Harg’s clarinet playing is fabulous in the Berio’s Sequenza IXa . His phrasing is elegant tailored with great flow and a spread of tone colours and expressive subtleties.  


The clarinet seems to live an own life but in the hands of Stefan fully controlled. The exploring of subtleties and details are evidentially in his playing.....”

The Times

La Belle époque cd 2016 clarinet culture á La Harg …... light and lovely culture of clarinet usually evidently virtuosic … Harg plays here with contemporary, refined sublime vibrato, always tasteful and spiritually …...

Camilla Lundberg OPUS magasin nov 2016

"Stefan showed a remarkably easiness and versatility in the Nielsen’s clarinet concerto. He gave a remarkable and inspired expression of the formidable mixture of the music” Dagens Nyheter

om Berio’s Sequenza IXa Stefan Hargs osannolika tekniskt briljanta klarinettspel

Katrineholms kuriren / Dag Lundin

Stefan Harg perform the Libby Larsen works with great panache and brilliance

L-G Alsénius P2 Music Producer

Bravo Stefan! Great CD! I loved the new pieces especially the Mimart and Blemant!!! Fine playing in the more standard repertoire. Every time I hear a nice recording of Meister it makes me want to play it. Best wishes for many sales!!!, it takes a lot of talent, hard work, and courage to put out a live recording... Especially to end up with your project!!!  Bravo again.

DAVID GOULD  Artist relations manager and product specialist for Vandoren, United States

… får söka sig till Henri Marteau på fiol eller Alfred Cortot på piano för att hitta något som är tillnärmelsevis lika fascinerande och givande./  …... you may seek to hear Henri Marteau on violin or Alfred Cortot on the piano to find something that is approximately just as fascinating and fruitful.

Sören Jansson Kultur och musik

Helt beroende framkallande …. Kan inte sluta att lyssna !!!!!

CD köpare   av CD La Belle Époque                                                  

Entirely addictive of the CD…. Can't stop listening!

Cd Buyer of the La Belle Époque CD

A true master on his instrument!

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