Stefan Harg International soloist , Artistic pedagogue

"His phrasing is elegant tailored with great flow and a spread of tone colours and expressive subtleties. His low- and mid-range are especially warm, rich, and embracing" - The Independent

“The exploring of subtleties and details are evidentially in his playing.....” - The Times

"Stefan showed a remarkably easiness and versatility in the Nielsen’s clarinet concerto. He gave a remarkable and inspired expression of the formidable mixture of the music” - Dagens Nyheter

"A TRUE Master on his instrument - En verklig mästare på sitt instrument!" - Dalarnas tidningar

About the CD LA Belle Epoqué CD 2016 - Clarinetculture à la Harg…. delightful and delicious played …usually with a virtuoso approach….Harg plays with a period approach , no vibrato , always tasteful and spiritually… Om La Belle Epoqué CD 2016 Klarinettkultur á la Harg ….ljuv och läcker klarinettkultur oftast vidunderligt virtuost… Harg spelar här med tidstypiskt, obefintligt vibrato, alltid smakfullt och spirituellt….. - Camilla Lundberg OPUS magasin nov 2016

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©Photo: Laurent Sultan